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Rita Ora Put On Blast By Legendary Song Writer



Legendary song scribe Diane Warren has an issue with Rita Ora’s less than enthusiastic promotional efforts for their Academy Award-nominated Best Song, “Grateful.” Ora performed the song on the Beyond the Lights soundtrack but has done little to help promote the song.

“Gina, the director, wanted Rita to do it,” Warren revealed during an interview with Huffington Post. “Had I known there wouldn’t be a lot of support, had I known she would have only tweeted about it once … you know? She sang it great, but it’s a little frustrating.”

“I have to be really honest, I don’t want to be a jerk or anything, but had I known about this lack of support, there are other artists I’m working with that — if it had been up to me — I would have gone with,” Warren said. “She sang it great! But, come on. How on Earth are you not wanting to [promote it] … I don’t get it. Everybody around me, we’re all shocked. How can … just … you know?”

Ora has tweeted about the song a handful of times, once congratulating Warren for the Oscar nom. She’s also scheduled to perform the tune at Hollywood’s big night, February 22nd. Ora’s camp also responded to the songwriter’s claim in a statement to Yahoo:

“I’m so thankful to be have been able to participate in a piece of Diane Warren’s lyrical genius. I am incredibly ‘grateful’ that I will have the opportunity to perform at the Oscars thanks to her work, and I’m so glad that I’ll be able to share it with a wider audience on February 22.”

Warren claims they’ve asked Ora to shoot a music video for the track, but the singer didn’t even reply.

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