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Reggie Bush Denies Spiking Girls’ Drinks With Ecstasy



Reggie Bush is vehemently denying rumors that he spiked the drinks of women with ecstasy four years ago. The allegations were revealed during an investigation involving disgraced NFL safety Darren Sharper who has been charged with rape.

A former St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s deputy charged with helping Sharper drug women allegedly told investigators he saw Bush “drop ecstasy into Champagne glasses and hand out the party drug to women at a Las Vegas dance club in the spring of 2011.”

“This is outrageous,” Bush’s attorney Shawn Holley told the Detroit Free Press. “I can say to you on the record that Reggie adamantly, vehemently and unequivocally denies all of the statements in that article. We are demanding a retraction from The Advocate and Reggie is considering taking legal action.”

On Saturday, Bush posted an image of himself on Instagram this lengthy caption:

“You see this is the issue with today’s media. The Advocate published the above allegation even though it had no reliable information to support it. Instead, it relied on the say-so of Licciardi, a criminal defendant who was plainly trying to curry favor with the prosecutors to get a more lenient sentence. Not only were Licciardi’s motivations in leveling the charge suspect, to say the least, but Licciardi, as The Advocate acknowledges halfway into the article, contradicted himself in the very same interview with investigators from the District Attorney’s Office. Specifically, after claiming—and confirming—that he had seen Mr. Bush ‘handing out drugs on the dance floor to girls’ with ‘his own eyes,’ Licciardi immediately backtracked. Now, he had not seen, but heard from Mr. Bush that Mr. Bush was handing out champagne with drugs in it. Such glaring inconsistencies should have served as a red flag cautioning against publication of these allegations. Evidently, they were not. Worse yet, Licciardi’s hedging does not come through in the headline! Instead, the reader must wade through 365 words to find Licciardi’s contradicting statements! And in this day and age most people have already made their judgment front the title alone! The inescapable conclusion is that The Advocate saw an opportunity to lure its readers into ‘juicy gossip’ and prizes page views over accuracy! One thing we do know is that my reputation has been severely damaged by the Headline of this story and false allegations in the article, particularly in a year in which reports of violence by football players, both physical and sexual, have dominated the headlines. So I ask the question who holds the media responsible when they publish false stories about athletes and entertainers?”

So far, The Advocate is yet to give a retraction.

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