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Got Jokes? Kevin Hart Comes For Drake, Meek Mill, Marlon Wayans & Lil Duval



It all started with one picture…

Kevin Hart posted this photo on Instagram and thought he was looking good.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.28.43 PM

However, shortly after the pic was upload Kev’s “friends” went in on him and his choice of fashion.

Drake reposted the pic and wrote, “Kevin…no. Please don’t do this tonight. #IsThatLeatherDriFit #PleaseTellMeThereAreOtherOptions #ThisIsABillBellamyFit #BalmainWillNotHireYou #ThisManIsOverlyLit”.

Lil Duval got in on the joke an wrote, “Maaaaaan @kevinhart4real if u don’t get the fuck outta here wit that full body waist trainer on (10 cry-laughing emoji)”.

Rapper Meek Mill even had a joke or two writing,”Let’s start a petition for kev 2 take this shirt off (4 cry-laughing emoji) cmon Man U from philly”.

And Marlon Wayans wrote a whole dissertation on Kev tight fit.

Dear Kev, I wanna start by saying that I love you like family, I’m so f*cking proud of your accomplishments but n*gga take that tight ass vest off. It looks like you stole it off my GI JOE action figure. You look like the lil chimpanzee Ceasar from planet of the apes movie all geared up for war against man kind. That vest is so tight your chest is screaming “nooooooooooo”! (*in my @kevinhart4real voice.) first glance I thought the midget from the penitentiary movies graced the cover of vogue. Then I thought maybe one of my turds in this mornings sh*t stole my Barneys card and went on a shopping spree. I don’t know what look you going for brah, a sexy milk dud? A swagged out junior mint? A GQ sugar baby? You need friends dawg. Nobody loves you. I want you to slap Harry, wayne, spank, naim and the pilot of your jet in the face with a wet hand. This look like the chocolate dropper version of the Get Rich or Die Tryin album cover. #nobodylovesyou #startedfromthebottomwhyareyouhere #howmanypushupsdidyoudobeforethis #stopthemadness #calltheaccountantfreezethecardsthisn*ggaisspirituallymaxedout #igotafaceliketheballstombradytooktheairoutofwasfunnyasf*ck

Well, this started a war. The funny man clapped back and roasted each one of his homeboys using old pics and hilarious one liners. Click through the gallery below to see them. Don’t forget, this is what Kevin gets paid to do!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.46.59 PM
Y’all done f*cked up…. My first victim is @marlonwayans ….Your face looks like one of the Footballs that Tom Brady let the air out of. You could of played “Whitney Houston” in her Biopic….If a “Black & Mild” cigar came to life it would look like you….Lick your lips before you take a picture this close!!!! Why do u have 3 different grades of hair on your face???? You look like a monkey that the government runs test on!!!! What’s that WHITE sh*t in the corner of your mouth??? Wipe your corners at all time….your the “Wayan” that the family is ashamed of….they have meetings about you behind your back!!! You look like a Lenny kravitz starter Kit!!!! Boooooom Bittttccchhhhh …[email protected] & @champagnepapi & @lilduval are fucking next!!!! Be afraid #ThisIsWhatiDo #WarHasBeenDeclared

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