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Kanye West Has Emotinal Breakdown During Zane Lowe Interview



Kanye West sat down with Zane Lowe for their second interview together in two years. While Kanye’s first interview was intense, passionate and highly quotable, his second interview is more thoughtful and worldly. In fact, we see a side of Mr. West few have ever witnessed: the rapper having an emotional breakdown.

While discussing Louise Wilson, a British professor of fashion design that passed away in May 2014, Yeezus begins sobbing uncontrollably, forcing Zane to pause the interview. Ye admits that’s never happened to him before, and they quickly change the subject, but this is a different Kanye than the world knows.

Some of the quotable highlights include:

-“I almost got scared of the idea of going crazy.”
-“Everybody has a right to an opinion, and everybody has the right to be wrong.”
-“The world can only be saved by design.”
-“Exclusivity is the new N-word. Nothing should be exclusive. Everyone should drink from the same fountain.”
-“Your egg. My semen. We’re gonna change the world.”
-“Fusion is the future, period.”
-“No politics are truth. Does it f*cking work or not.”

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