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Exclusive: TLC’s Chilli Talks Upcoming Sleepover With Katy Perry



With a tour quickly approaching and confirmed plans to create one last and final album, TLC has one major year ahead of them.

Before heading to the studio to record one more stellar LP, the group has been using the fundraising website Kickstarter for their final project. And with a goal of only 150,000, the group has already raised a whopping $318,537.

“It’s right up TLC’s alley in terms of doing things outside the box,” Chilli told HipHollywood when asked why she and bandmate T-Boz turned to the crowd funding platform. “This was a great platform to us to do this new album and do it with our fans without any extra voices. It’s about the connection with our fans because they’re the ones that want this album. Not to say that we don’t want to record new music, but they are definitely the motivation behind all of this for us.”

Among some of the thousands of donations, Katy Perry, who forked over a cool $5,000.00. The group promised fans that if they donate over 5k, they get a sleepover with the ladies themselves. So it looks like Perry has to pick out some jammies for their upcoming slumber party.

“We are big kids and Katy Perry seems to be the same way. Who knows what would happen. We may start pranking and start knocking on people doors and running. Anything could happen at a TLC sleepover.”

The group will also be kicking off a summer tour starting on May 1 with New Kids On the Block and Nelly. “I love performing,” the 43-year-old told us. “When I’m up there it’s almost like I don’t have bones or something. I’m just dancing all over the place and just singing. I just love it.”

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