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Exclusive: Chilli Talks Experience On ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’



Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas has been more than open about her dating life and has taken to television to share with fans her journey to finding Mr. Right.

From her own reality show What Chilli Wants to being featured on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, the singer is determined to find the love of her life. But is it difficult to put your dating life in the hands of a stranger or … Stanger?

During a recent interview with Thomas, the TLC group member opened up about her experience on MM and what it was like working with famous matchmaker, Patti Stanger. “My friend was telling me ‘Patti is this, Patti is that’ and it’s different from the show [What Chilli Wants] because she is really going to listen to you,” Chilli told us. “I was open to it. When I talked to the producers I said ‘I’m serious. This is my type. This is what I want. I won’t compromise here or there.’ I laid it out.”

Chilli, who had a very public relationship and breakup with Usher Raymond in early 2000’s, explained how she felt when Patti suggested that she dated bad guys in the past. “I wasn’t sure if what she was saying was produced, or was it something she really wanted to ask me. I’ve never dated bad boys, I just dated guys that wasn’t a good match for me,” the Atlanta native said.

Thomas continued, “I don’t care what anybody says, I feel like when you’re in this business, especially being a female, it’s tuff for us. It can be very intimidating for most men, even men in our industry.”

The 44-year-old added, “Because of the hours and all the things that go into this world that we’ve chosen to be in, I’d rather deal with someone who is part of it somehow. You have to be with somebody who understands this life.”

Needless to say, Chilli’s time on Millionaire Matchmaker was a fun experience, but she did not find what she was looking for.

Click to see Patti crash Chilli’s date.

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