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Azealia Banks’ New Rant: “B*tch” VS “Fa**ot!”



Another day, another Azealia Banks social media rant.

The rapper went on an Instagram tirade on Thursday and launched a seemingly controversial argument. “Why is it okay for a gay man to colloquially use the word “B*tch” to refer to women, but is it not okay for me to colloquially use the word “fa**ot” to refer to myself or an opponent?”

“Do gay men get a special pass to say misogynist things simply because they Like d*ck? The argument is  that countless gay kids here the word ‘fa**ot’ before they are beat to death,” she wrote. “But do you know how many women hear the word ‘B*tch’ before their husbands beat them to death? Before they are murdered/raped… ?”

The photo’s caption read: “Azealia Banks is Homophobic 1.”

Several social media users chimed in, many taking both sides of the argument.

“I agree 1 thousand percent. It’s hypocritical to get pissed off at someone saying faggot or other gay slurs but yet if you are gay or lesbian and you cussing up a storm, cussing people out, there’s nothing but hate in that as well,” someone wrote.

“But if female is being beat to death by her husband then that man isn’t gay. Besides to wrongs don’t make a right this lady is such a ridiculous waste of time,” someone else wrote.

“My thing is that it’s the way she said it. She plonked her foot in the shark pit, when all she needed to do was to dip her toe in, but I do respect her for her honesty and the fact that she speaks truth, I don’t agree with everything she says, but I’ll support her right to say it,” someone commented.

Bank’s argument comes just days after she defended herself on Twitter after posting a photo of herself with the captioned “#whiteface.”

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