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Jagged Edge Member Arrested For Beating Fiance, Shocking Details!



This gives whole new meaning to drunk in love…

Kyle Norman, one fourth of the R&B group Jagged Edge, was arrested early Thursday morning in Atlanta and charged with aggravated assault. Norman’s fiancée told police that she got into an argument with the singer about his drinking and that resulted in him punching and choking her with a scarf. Kyle then allegedly shoved an engagement ring down her throat!

According to CBS46, “Police stated in their report that the victim’s eyes had welts under them and there was a golf ball sized knot on her upper left forehead. She also had a cut to her nose and it appeared as if she had a blood clot in her right eye that had burst.”

After the victim was able to run outside and call police, Norman followed and was stopped by a police officer. He’s quoted as telling the cop, “I need to go to jail” and he also claimed was upset about his dad having cancer and that’s the reason he got so mad at his fiancée.

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