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Exclusive: Anthony Mackie Clears Up Racial Profiling Comments + Talks New Film Black or White



When it comes to race relations in America it isn’t always black or white … so says Anthony Mackie. The 36-year old actor sat down with HipHollywood to talk about his latest film Black or White and also set the record straight about his feelings on racial profiling … and he’s not blaming dudes with dreadlocks.

“If you don’t have a conversation with young men and women in your family about racial profiling you are doing them a dangerous disservice,” explained Mackie.  “Perception is something we won’t talk about as a generation. Perception is reality, the way you look, the way you do the things that you do, everything about you there’s a perception that comes along with that, and it frustrates me and incenses me that young men won’t take on the idea of perception, because you have to take that on when it comes to profiling. If you want to grow your hair a certain way, or wear your pants hanging down a certain way, as an adult I’m going to sit you down and say this is how you are going to be perceived. Now you can do it, just know that’s what you are going to have to deal with.”

And Mackie was just as passionate about his role in Black or White which follows Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer as they fight for custody of their bi-racial grand- daughter played by Jillian Estell.  In the film Mackie plays Spencer’s brother and attorney, and delivers an impactful speech about black men not living up to their full potential. Check out what he had to say about his role in the video above.

Black or White in theaters January 30th

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