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The same week the Hanover Theater in Worcester Massachusetts announced that they were canceling Bill Cosby’s show next month, news broke that Beverly Johnson, one of near 30 women who claimed she was drugged by Cosby, was actually telling a big fat lie.

In a recent issue of Vanity Fair, Johnson recounted her alleged encounter with Cosby, telling the publication that she was drugged by the comedian during a coffee meeting at his New York brownstone. But according to Johnson’s former manager, Don Gibble, the only encounter Johnson ever had with Cosby was a brunch date with him and his wife, Camille. “It was odd to me that she changed her story. She said [she was] drugged and raped. I just remember that was not the conversation we had. And we had it repeatedly,” Gibble told The Daily Caller.

“It was brunch. It was just one time. It was a typical nice pleasant experience. It can be easily proven that Camille Cosby was at that brunch, so it was kind of dumb for her to lie,” he said.

Gibble, who represented Beverly in the 90’s added, “Basically, she only had a good experience with him, so if he had been producing something at that time I could have easily called that office and gotten her an appointment.”

He then refereed to Beverly switching up her story during a recent appearance on the view, saying, “It was ridiculous, I thought this was insane.”

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