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Adrian Broner Apologizes To Jay Z, Rihanna



Last week, Adrian Broner told Jay Z “suck my d*ck” … now, he’s saying he’s sorry.

Apparently, Broner was offended by the five year, $40 million deal Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports Management offered him and instead of talking to Jigga about it, the boxing champ went on TMZ Hollywood Sports and talked a bunch of ish. In addition to calling out Jay, Broner also went after Roc Nation signee Rihanna, saying all she’s good for is pu**y.

But, it seems as though Adrian has had a change of heart. He now regrets his decision to go after Roc Nation royalty and is now apologizing. After speaking with his “Big Homie”, Broner says he realizes the error in his ways. “I’m a man at the end of the day,” Broner told TMZ, “I’m wrong and I can admit when I’m wrong.” The boxer went on to say, “You never invite another man to another man’s private part. That’s just ridiculous.”

Adrian may be sorry, but we doubt Jay and Rih are trying to hear his apology. In other news, the music mogul signed another boxer to his Roc Nation Sports roster … super middleweight champ Andre Ward!

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