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Solange Breaks Out In Hives At Wedding, No It’s Not Jay Z’s Fault



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Solange was simply flawless on her wedding day and there are about 1,000 pictures to prove it … just see here and here. But, unfortunately between the bike rides and festive second line, Solo broke out in hives!

Now, a certain shady blog is trying to point the finger at Jay Z suggesting he poisoned his own sister-in-law. However, the real story isn’t some crazy Law & Order plot line. Solange just had an allergic reaction and broke out in hives … that’s it. No, Jay isn’t trying to get revenge for elevator-gate, he didn’t poison her gumbo and he isn’t trying to secretly kill her (extreme side-eye to the folks who believed that in the first place).

Head over to the next page to see the only less than perfect photo of Solo on her wedding day — hives and all.

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