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How Rita Ora Made A Fool Of Herself On Twitter



No one wants to hear Rita Ora’s new music. That’s what we can take away from a botched Twitter publicity stunt the singer orchestrated this week. Ora posted a tweet claiming that if enough people retweeted a message, she would drop an unheard track:

“Dropping my new song Monday if this gets 100,000 retweets.”

Unfortunately, only a few thousand bothered to retweet the message leading Ora to fall back on the excuse every celebrity uses when they make a fool out of themselves in public: the random hacker.

“By the way, my Twitter got hacked. Somebody is threatening to release new music I’ve worked really hard on. Nothing comes out until I’m ready or the bots insist on it! When it’s ready, we will drop music! Luckily I caught the hacker really quickly and deleted the post. Thank you!!”

Ha! Are we supposed to believe that? What do the British take us for? No one is checking for Rita Ora, and now we all know thanks to her bringing it to our attention.

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