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Hi Haters! Jazmine Sullivan Focuses On Loving Herself, Not Her Size



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Jazmine Sullivan is back and better than ever! The powerhouse performer is prepping a new album and promoting her new music, but now that she’s back in the spotlight she’s also back in front of the haters. Recently folks have been comment on her weight, but Jazmine is quick to say, she is finally in a place where she loves herself and that’s all that matters. When she sat down with HipHollywood she opened up about how she doesn’t care about fitting into certain boxes. “I’m loving myself more, I’m appreciating myself more for who I am. You know, I’m not stressing so much about trying to be a certain thing.”

Jazmine also posted a message on Instagram declaring, “IM BIG”, but made sure to point out that her focus is music not weight.

Real quick y’all… IM BIG!!!! #nowcarryon #sheesh lol seriously tho, first and foremost I’m an artist. So my main focus from now until the day I die will be my art. Secondly I’m a regular woman. My weight fluctuates depending on what I decide to put down my throat that week. If anything I’d hope that whatever u see in me serves as a reflection and inspires u to love or change certain things abt YOUR life. That’s all I want to be for u. That’s all I have to offer. Please don’t idolize or put me on a pedestal cuz I’ll be the first to admit I can’t live up to anyone’s expectations. I’m figuring this shit out day by day like the rest of y’all. If me being or looking big makes you uncomfortable… Well I feel sorry for u. And if u must say something screenshot the pic and talk shit to ur friends thru text like the rest of us do! ALLS I’m saying is I love u regardless and want u to spend ur day being happy and growing as an individual. With all my [heart]

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We just love Jazmine, don’t you?!

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