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Ginuwine Reveals Martial, Financial Struggles



R&B singer Ginuwine is using social media to clarify rumors regarding his marriage to rapper Solé as well as his financial status. The singer confirmed he is going through a divorce, but said in a lengthy statement posted on Instagram that he’s not broke because of his estranged wife as reported.

Ginuwine is currently being sued by his The Bachelor executive producer who claims the singer owes him $250,000 in royalties from the project, but Ginuwine’s lawyer said he can’t afford to pay it because his money is going to Solé and towards back taxes. This led some bloggers to speculate that Solé had left the singer high and dry after spending up all his money, but the “Pony” crooner says that’s not the case.

“I need to address yesterday’s rumor because it is not totally accurate and I don’t want my wife being made out to be the bad guy here. We are NOT yet divorced, but we ARE currently separated and working towards coming to our own agreement, without lawyers, to amicably and fairly divorce. We’ve kept it quiet because it is really no ones business but ours and our family’s. Therefore, reports that she left me ‘broke’ are untrue. She has been a good wife and mother and my poor choices and actions over many years have led to this. I am on a path of becoming a better man and part of that is taking responsibility for my own choices and behavior in life, so that’s what I’m doing by releasing this statement. I thank everyone who has been there for us through these trying times. You are appreciated. God bless.”

The TGT member also owes the IRS $300,000. Despite the insurmountable troubles he’s facing, Ginuwine is staying optimistic, posting this image on Instagram this week.
Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.16.46 PM

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