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Gabrielle Union On Leaked Nudes: “I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong”



It was just over a month ago when dozens of Hollywood stars were forced to defend themselves after a group of hackers leaked their personal nude images.

One of the many victims was actress Gabrielle Union, who confirmed back in September that the photos were indeed her and that they were intimate pictures shared between she and her husband, Dwyane Wade.  During the Fun Fearless Life conference in New York City over the weekend, Union further opened up about the nudes, suggesting that she “did nothing wrong.”

“No matter what people describe to me, ‘It’s your fault, you’re stupid to take nude photos, that’s what happens when you’re a celebrity,’ all this nonsense … they’re criminals,” she said according to The Hollywood Reporter.  “What you do with your own body is your choice. Period. There’s no gray matter there. And when someone takes your choice away and your power away over your own body, it’s a crime. Period. A hacking scandal? We’re lessening it, making it more palatable for mass consumption, but it’s a crime.”

She continued, “Over a hundred women were targeted. If these women weren’t celebrities, there would be much more outrage, but because we’re female celebrities, we weren’t good victims and we enjoyed it, all PR is good PR.’ That’s what they say.”

Union, who contacted the FBI, also opened up about when she learned about the photos. “The day after my wedding, we were all sitting around, rehashing the best day of my life, and I get a text from my team that there’s an article that over 100 female celebrities had been targeted,” she said. “In the moment, I froze. I was mortified, terrified. I just didn’t know what to do. I felt I had given so much of myself, but I had saved a little bit for myself and for my husband, and they had taken that from me.”

In response, Wade told his wife, “‘Honey, we’ve been through so much worse, and we’re fine.’ … Everyone I thought would have a negative reaction or blame me in some way, or kindly position it as something I could have avoided — no one did. Everyone that I love and respect looked at it for what it is, which is a crime.”

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