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Exclusive: Antoine Dodson Clarifies His Sexual Orientation



When Antoine Dodson first told the residents of his Lincoln Park community to”hide ya kids” and “hide ya wives” from the bedroom intruder, the Alabama native was living an openly gay lifestyle. But in May 2013, the star renounced his sexuality after becoming a “true Chosen Hebrew Israelite descendant of Judah.”

Dodson has since fathered a child with his longtime friend and now wife via common law marriage in Alabama. But recently, rumors began circulating that Dodson chose to go back to his previous lifestyle, but Antoine tells HipHollywood exclusively that he is happy with his wife.

“The person that I’m with … We’ve known each other for six plus years. We were friends in the lifestyle, going to clubs and stuff like that. But the more we started to hang together we just actually started dating. Then we just did it, it just happened. We’ve been together ever since,” he explained.

However, Antoine did admit that when he and his wife first started dating, he feared he wasn’t ready for the change in lifestyle. “At the beginning it was like that. But anything, when there’s a change, you always have the memories of the old life,” he said. “I still hang with my friends. I still have my friends, I see their lifestyle and I’m like ‘oh it’s fun.’ But then I realize I love my family.”

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