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Zoe Saldana Reveals Her Due Date + Admits To “Itching For Compliments”



Zoe Saldana stopped by The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on Wednesday night and revealed how many weeks she has left before giving birth to her twins boys.

“I still have a ways to go,” the mom-to-be explained. “We have maybe eight more weeks or something. I feel great.” When Ferguson praised the star for how gorgeous she looked, the Book of Life star admitted to being hungry all the time. ” So leave it to the talkshow host to whip out a plate ribs.

“Would it look really obnoxious if I just grabbed a rib and [chowed down]?” Saldana asked the late-night host. “I have to say, nothing makes me happier than to see a pregnant woman eat. Especially in L.A.!”

During the duo’s chat, the 36-year-old shared that “the best thing a pregnant woman can hear is the word ‘sexy.’ It’s like, ‘Oh, you think I’m sexy? Yes! I’m sexy.'”

She added, “Usually I’m … an activist and [a supporter of] women’s rights. I’m like, ‘Excuse me, do not objectify me!’ or whatever, but now that I’m pregnant, I’m kind of itching for sexy compliments,” the star said. “Not getting picked up, because my husband will kill you. But like, you know, ‘Your wife is looking really hot.’ We like that!”

As for cravings, Saldana admitted that she hasn’t had any surprising or unexpected cravings. “You’d be surprised—I’m just hungry. It feels good. Food just tastes so delicious. It really does. It’s really good. You trick yourself, working in Hollywood, going, ‘That burger’s disgusting. A burger’s awful.’ But now that [I’m] pregnant [I’m] like, ‘I could eat all this—together!—at the same time.’ Like, I could have the pickle with the donut and it would probably be life changing.”

To check out Zoe’s full interview, click here.

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