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V. Stiviano Caught At Donald Sterling’s Home



V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling were reportedly caught today at Sterling’s Beverly Hills home by his wife, Shelly Sterling.

According to TMZ, Shelly caught Stiviano at Donald’s home, thought she was trying to break in, and called the police on the 31-year-old. It turns out that that the Beverly Hills police couldn’t do anything on arrival because sources say that Stiviano was an “invited” guest.

While there is no word out yet on why Stiviano was at the house with Donald, knowing both of their records for keeping things private, we will find out in the very near future.

Last month, Stiviano made headlines after alluding to the fact that she had had a love child with Sterling. In a picture uploaded to Instagram, she crouches next to a young girl who is wearing one of her infamous visors and a pink LA Clippers hat.


“I didn’t really want to do this but you left me no choice. It’s been four years since we met, so she says. Madison is going to be four soon. I think we should celebrated it, at a big event. Perhaps opening night of the #clippers game or we can decide and wait till NEW YEARS to bring in 2015 with incredible news. I was thinking more in the sense of dropping hints until they- they (meaning the people of the “UNITED NATIONS”) get it. And when they do get the message, via #Instagram Their all going to know your the father and I’m the mother. There would be no reason for a paternity test; because we already have one. Then now- meaning NOW, we would all be in trouble. Wouldn’t we? LET THE GAMES BEGAN!! Can anyone guest who’s the father of my beautiful daughter Madison V Stiviano? #VSTIVIANO #MADISONVSTIVIANO,” she reportedly captioned the photo.

While Stiviano did not state who exactly the father of the child was, it can easily be guessed that she is alluding to Sterling with all of the Clippers references. In the past, she was very adamant however, that she had never had sex with Sterling. There is a very high chance that she uploaded the photo as an attempt to stay in the public eye.

Why do you think Stiviano was at Serling’s house? Let us know in the comment section below.

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