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Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Wants Almost A Half Million Dollars In Unpaid Spousal Support



Terrence Howard’s ex-wife is claiming that he hid his earnings so that he would not have to pay her spousal support and now she wants him to give up the loot.

According to TMZ, Michelle Ghent, is claiming that terrence owes her $481,715 and wants to get the court to force him, to pay up. Ghent is saying that Terrence created fake debt to his other ex-wife, Lori McMasters, so that it looked like he had less money in his account and did not have to pay the amount that was due to her.

The court documents also say that, Michelle claims Terrence brought in a minimum of $1.3 million last year and that he has secured steady work for the next to years. If her claims are true, it looks like Terrence may need to get ready to pay up.

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