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Omarion Confirms He Is The Father Of His Baby Boy, Megaa



There have been several rumors circulating that Omarion’s first born, Megaa Omari was not his biological son. But the singer, who welcomed his bundle of joy with girlfriend Apryl Jones in August, confirmed via Instagram that he is indeed the father.

I told Megaa…>Son, they think someone else is your dad. He said {LOL} Maury said YOU ARE THE FATHER,” he wrote. “#hegaveYOUtheFinger #Ididntshowhimthat #stopwiththefakepress #Ilovehismomma #Megaa #yallLovetostartshit #Myfamilyisunbreakable #weswaggntoo #middlefingertoALLthatsupportlies #lovetothosewhodont #imdone.”

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During a recent interview with Omarion, the r&b stud opened up to HipHollywood about fatherhood and raising his baby to be a dancer. “There will be some mandatory things like rhythm and dancing,” he said. “We have our thing already. We have our thing when I hold him and I talk to him, I’ll say certain things and I’ll kiss him and he’ll laugh. That will be our thing and dancing will be our thing.”

He added, “Whether or not he wants to go professional … That’s going to be our thing. Every time he come thew ‘eh, where your eight count at. I need to see it.'”

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