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No Smile Zone: Kanye Holds Back The Biggest Smile In Photo With Kobe Bryant



Why so serious Kanye?!

Once upon a time, Kanye West seemed to glow with a cheerful smiles left and right but it seems like this summer, we are seeing fewer and fewer pictures on Yeezy showing off his pearly whites. Is it the fact that he can’t stand the paparazzi and won’t show any look of happiness while they are in his presence or is it just that he has become so successful that nothing spikes his interest or tickles his fancy enough to express it through the art of smile?

In a recent photo, Kanye stands next to Kobe in a gym. Everybody is smiling, including Kobe but Kanye … well Kanye looks like he is holding back the biggest smile ever.

We are certain that Kanye does in fact smile. He has to, just look at his beautiful baby North West, not even the grinch could hold back a smile after looking at her. When it comes to recent pictures, however, there are very few. Take a look at a recent photo that a student snapped of Kanye at his court-mandated community service lecture at a design school in LA.


Maybe we are taking this out of proportion or maybe Kanye isn’t smiling because Kobe got mad at him for not following the “Kobe System” as he should have.

Either way, we want to see you smile more Kanye!

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