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Keyshia Cole Wants You To Know Your “Sh*t Stinks” Too



Has Keyshia Cole lost her mind? They say love will make you do crazy things, and we guess for her that means humping a piano. Cole was panned earlier this week by bloggers and fans after she posted videos of herself humping a piano for her ex, Birdman.

The singer was arrested last month for assaulting a woman inside the home of her former boyfriend’s apartment. Keyshia posted several messages on social media about her messy breakup with Baby, but it looks like she’s trying to get back in his good graces by sending him piano humping videos.

We see you #KeyshiaCole! #Birdman #pressplay #IGAfterDark

A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

The videos have since been deleted, but BallerAlert managed to record them before they vanished from the Internet for good. After being called a tool for performing such an embarrassing act, Cole blasted her detractors on Twitter, posting an image of a gold defecation with the caption:

“Some people act like they sh*t don’t stink tho. GTfomf.”

No, Keyshia. Some people act like humping a piano and recording the act is bizarre, because, well, IT IS.

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