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Faith Evans Addresses Rumors That Her Son CJ Is Gay



Faith Evans stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club Thursday morning and opened up about Notorious B.I.G., working with Keyshia Cole, and rumors that her son is gay.

During the interview, Faith was asked if she ever gets tired of people always bringing Biggie up when talking to her, but said that it is not an issue to her. “BIG was a huge part of my life beside being the whole being artist thing. But he was my first true love,” she told DJ Envy. “I think it was a blessing to even know him, let alone to have been able to be married to him, connect with him, and even to extend his legacy in having his son. So no, that’s something that I will never get tired of. There was a time earlier in my career [where] that seemed to overshadow my actual talent but I mean that’s not something I ever had to argue about.”

Faith also opened up about her relationship with Keyshia Cole, stating that she has given the singer advice in the past and was actually offered the chance to work as an executive producer on one of her projects. “She actually asked me to executive produce one of her albums, and I had just found out I was pregnant with my 7-year-old so I wasn’t able to do it,” she stated during the interview.

She also addressed the rumors that her son CJ was gay, stating that he is laughing them off. “He ain’t trippin, he laughed at it,” she said about new rumors that he was planning to marry his longtime boyfriend.

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