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Exclusive: ‘Dear White People’ Director Justin Seimen Opens Up About Racist Halloween Parties



After an award winning tour through the nation’s biggest film festivals, the movie “Dear White People” is coming to a theater near you. HipHollywood caught up with director, Justin Seimen, who won Sundance’s “breakthrough talent” prize for the movie, and he opened up about the using its message to curve the popular trend of racist Halloween parties on college campuses.

Over the past ten years, coverage and uproar surrounding African-American and minority themed parties thrown by white students on college campuses has grown steadily. Justin’s film “Dear White People” explores these kind of parties and the tension and hurt that they create on campuses across the nation.

HipHollywood asked Justin if he thought that his movie would stop or help prevent these parties from happening, but he was very skeptical. “As long as we have closed cultural loops of people, where they’re not that interested in hearing from the point of view of the ‘other,’ the more it will continue to happen,” Justin stated. “I can continue to put stuff like ‘Dear White People’ out there in the culture, but people gotta listen, they gotta go to the movies and watch it.”

Click on the arrow below to see our interview with Justin and the film’s star, Tessa Thompson.

“Dear White People” hits theaters October 17th.

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