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Exclusive: ‘Drumline: A New Beat’ Star On Playing The Drums: “I Was A Fish Out Of Water”



If you ever thought learning how to play the drums was easy? Guess again.

Drumline: A New Beat’s Alexandra Shipp stopped by the HipHollywood loft to talk about learning how to play the snare for the forthcoming VH1 made for television movie and according to the star, it was quite an experience. “Reading music and then reading percussion music are two completely different worlds. You’re going through and it’s rhythm, it’s also where it is on the drum that you’re tapping.”

Shipp added, “I was a little bit of a fish out of water, but I learned how to fake it really well.”

During our chat with the actress, the Arizona native made clear that the Nick Cannon produced film is not a remake of the 2002 hit flick, Drumline. “This Drumline is a new beat. So it focuses on whole new characters, a whole new story line, but really tries to show these characters finding themselves through music and within this drumline.”

“I play Dani Raymond, who is a brass kind of girl. She’s tough. She loves music and she loves drumming and she’s always been one of the boys, so why can’t she be one of the boys in college?”

Cannon will also make an appearance in the movie, as well as singer/actress, LeToya Luckett.

Drumline: A New Beat premieres October 27 on VH1.

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