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Exclusive: A.J. Johnson On How To Indulge This Fall/Winter Season Without Getting Plump



Lets be honest, with fall already here and winter around the corner, we are already dreading the anticipated weight gain. Afterall, this is the season of feasting. The good news is, HipHollywood has leaned how we can consume and indulge, but still be healthy without picking up the extra pounds.

While on the red carpet for Essence’s “A Toast To Prime Time” celebration, we caught up with fitness guru A.J Johnson who gave us tips on how to be healthy this forthcoming holiday season.

“It’s a little different in the A.J. zone because what I like to do is get prepared and do preparation more than survival,” she said. “I say now, Halloween is coming up, eat healthy now so you can have all the candy you want. Halloween, eat clean so you’re ready for Thanksgiving 30 days later. And right after Thanksgiving get in shape so you can indulge for Christmas and New Years. It’s always about preparation and that 90 days you can have fun.”

She added, “Who wants to eat healthy turkey dressing? I don’t. And healthy cranberry sauce? I don’t want to eat that. Get ready for it and then indulge and have a good time.”



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