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Erykah Badu Singing For Money In Manhattan’s Times Square



Erykah Badu is one serious prankster. The 43-year-old artist took the streets of Manhattan on October 10 to make money street hustling/singing. We can’t make this up people.

In a video captured on her iPhone, the singer can be seen on the corner of W42nd performing for coins. The star, who teamed up with  OkayPlayer for the bit, revealed in the video that she always wanted to know what it felt like to sing for money on the streets. “In reality, life is a lot harder than this.,” she said in the near eight minute clip titled, Street Hustle Experiment.

“Haven’t sold a record in about two years … B*tch needs some money,” she sung. “I don’t want no real job, I just want to be out here. Give me your money”

4 1/2 minutes later, the “On & On” singer walked away with $3.60.

Badu made headlines back in June after trying to kiss a reporter on live television. New York reporter Mario Diaz was shooting a story for PIX 11 when a happy Erykah approached the reporter from behind and tried smack her lips right onto his cheek. Diaz reacted like any other reporter would and jumped before shooing her away.

He later realized that it was Erykah having some fun.

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