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Draya Michele Denies Sex Tape, Proof She May Be Lying!



PCN Photo

PCN Photo

Word on the street is that there’s a Draya Michele sex tape being shopped around and it may hit a computer screen near you soon!

Draya’s ex-boyfriend, David Miranda aka rapper Vain Starrz, says the tape does exist but it was only for him and the Basketball Wives LA star’s viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, it’s gotten into the wrong hands and is now being offered to the highest bidder. In an effort to block the tapes release, Miranda filed suit in NY small claims court for loss of “private documents” (aka the sex tape).

But while David’s trying to get the sex tape back, Draya’s denying it even exists. In response to BallerAlert posting the sex tape story on their Instagram, Michele stated:

“Might as well takes this post down. Nowadays anyone can say anything about anyone and people believe it. Trust me, there’s no tape … Only clever folks figuring out ways to get money out of me.”

Hmmm, somebody’s lying … and it might be Draya. In 2011, the threat of another sex tape leak rattled the reality star and she took to Twitter to warn her fans and ask for their prayers. Click over to the next page to see the tweets.

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