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Weed Reporter Charlo Greene Explains Quitting On Air In YouTube Video



Charlo Greene, the Alaskan reporter who quit on live television to pursue the fight for legalized weed, explained her decision to leave the business in a detailed YouTube video titled “Why I Quit.” In actuality, it’s more of a plead for the public to also stand up for “what’s right.”

“There comes a time in each and everyone of our lives when we must choose to continue to spectate or stand up for what’s right,” she stated. “Why are Americans arrested every 37 seconds, Alaskans every 4.3 hours? Why should an aspiring someone lose their ability to earn a higher education to become that someone they were meant to be and why should you lose the ability to get public assistance in time of struggle and need?”

She continued, “Who is willing to take a stand? I’m not afraid, clearly … Advocating for freedom and fairness should be everyone’s duty, I’m making it my life work. To uphold what America stands for truly.”

In the latest news, surrounding the Green controversy, the former reporter’s old neighbor came forward and revealed to TMZ that Greene smoked so much at home, that their 4-year-old daughter got ill from all the fumes seeping through the walls.

According to Tyler Gilbrech, he told the building manager about the problem, but in turn, Charlo threatened Tyler “watch his back.” Two weeks ago, Gilbrech filed for, and got, a temporary restraining order against Greene.

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