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Watch A Pregnant Zoe Saldana Work The Pole!



What makes a glowing, pregnant woman even more sexier? Her body wrapped around a pole!

Actress Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco Perego, who are expecting their first child together, took their boredom to another level on Friday night while on an airport tram. Zoe, comfy in a white shirt and pencil skirt and her husband, dapper in a blazer, took the airport tram’s pole for a little spin and showed off their pole dancing skills.

“Let’s do that again!!! Absolute boredom at #Dulles airport. #poledancing is difficult under these conditions Hahahaha,” Saldana captioned the Instagram video.

The married couple was heading back home after Thursday night’s 2014 Hispanic Heritage Awards in Washington, D.C. where Saldana was presented with the Vision Award.

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