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Superhero Mike Tyson Saves The Day



Mike Tyson the superhero?!

Motorcycle rider, Ryan Chesley tells TMZ he was heading into Las Vegas on his chopper when a cab cut him off, causing him to fly off the bike. According to Chesley, Tyson saw what happened, slammed on his brakes and stopped traffic. Ryan recalls the moment, telling the news outlet that boxing champion kept him calm until the ambulance arrived.

Ryan ended up suffering broken bones, muscles, ligaments, nerve damage and needs shoulder surgery. The motorcyclist says he sent Tyson a thank you note and a fruit basket.

The retired boxing champion has made a living beating people up for money, but it’s no secret that Mike has a heart of gold. In fact, during a recent chat with Jamie Foxx, who is set to play Tyson in an upcoming biopic, the singer revealed that the film will be centered around what kind of man Mike is.

“I’ve known Mike since I was 21,” Foxx told us. “I asked Mike the other day how does he feel. And he said ‘I’m happy because I don’t have any money.’ I was like ‘why you say that Mike?’ He said ‘ain’t nobody trying to take nothing from me. My life has always been in turmoil because of the money. All I wanted to do is be the heavyweight boxing champion of the world and fall in love with somebody.’”

Jamie continued, “I think people will be very surprised on the inner story of Mike. It won’t necessarily be about him fighting, because we know that he can fight, but how he was as a man; I think people are really going to enjoy it.’”

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