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Oprah’s Bucket List Includes Something Sweet … Find Out What It Is!



What if we told you Oprah Winfrey actually has a bucket list!? Welp it’s true. Considering she has traveled the world, interviewed Presidents and celebrities and pretty much has disposable income, you would think the TV mogul has it all and has done it all. But according to the star, there is ONE thing she has been dying to do.

“I hadn’t thought of having a bucket list. But so many of you, since this is your bucket list, I’m now thinking I might make a bucket list,” Oprah told attendees at Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend tour.

She continued, “Every summer I’ve planned this and never did it. On the way to South Africa this time, I’m stopping in Italy and I’m going on a truffle hunt with the pigs and the dogs.”

“That has been on my list for a long time,” she added. “This year, finally, I’m going to do that!”

Check it out:

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