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Momma Dee Goes Off On Followers Over Runaway Tooth



Love & Hip Hop’s Momma Dee is mad at everyone but the person she should be: her dentist. The aspiring singer was performing “Mother’s Love” at a church when her tooth fell out of her mouth. You can watch video of Dee’s little accident below.

Folks have been poking fun at Dee on social media for several days, but on Tuesday morning the reality TV star decided to let her followers know she’s over it.

“From now on: no more addressing the negative. You hate, you get blocked. You disrespect, you get blocked,” she wrote. “No warning. No explanation. Your mother should have taught you better … people who give you negative energy want attention and free promotion. I refuse to give it to these fools. #TheQueen has spoken!”

Oh, lighten up, Dee. Watching anyone’s tooth fall out of their mouth while singing is pretty damn funny.

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