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Meagan Good Explains Exposing Herself In A Restaurant



Actress Meagan Good is using social media to combat backlash from religious folk over her leaked nude photographs. One of the images shows the actress flashing a breast inside a restaurant while a family sits behind her. Meagan is married to DeVon Franklin, a movie producer and preacher, which has some questioning if her behavior is appropriate.

“It was the day after I got married on my honeymoon,” Good explained in an Instagram comment. “We were being silly. Have you never heard of someone flashing their husband to by cheeky?” she continued.

“I’m not ashamed. We are allowed to have fun and be silly too. Oddly enough, we are human beings. I know that’s hard to believe. Any who, people are going to have their opinions, and God knows our hearts.”

Meagan is just one of several female stars to have nude images leaked over this weekend. Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Jennifer Lawrence were also targeted.

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