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Master P Is Now Doing Commercials For Local Law Firms



Master P is a hustler, we all know that … but does he really need money so bad that he has to lend his voice to small market injury law commercials? It looks like it.

P has inked an endorsement deal with Kentucky law firm Winton & Heistand and is using his catchphrase “Ughhh!” to get people to call them if they are involved in a personal injury. In a commercial for the firm, the No Limit founder is seen walking alongside the two attorneys while praising their work in the community and the fact that they will fight for their clients. He closes his voiceover track in the commercial with none other than his classic “Ughh!”

Not only does Master P appear in commercials for the law firm, but his “Make Em Say Ughh” can be seen on roadside billboards around Jefferson County, Kentucky where the firm is based.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 9.02.51 AM

With all of the money that Master P has made over the years, it is kind of hard to believe that he is doing this because he needs money. We can only guess that he is doing it as a favor for someone, but we wouldn’t put it past him, his son Romeo has been doing infamous commercials for IDCD College.

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