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Kim Zolciak Biermann Flips Her Lid Via Social Media After Bikini Selfie Comments



Kim Zolciak Biermann went off via Instagram on Thursday morning, responding to the negative comments made about a recent bathing suit photo she posted. With a photo image that essentially reads “Zero f*cks given,” the reality star slammed the haters who accused her of photoshopping.

“I post a picture on MY IG for MY followers that support me … if you don’t like it #unfollow I think I have officially read it all after posting my bathing suit pic yesterday! From photoshopping a thigh gap, to photoshopping my breast, to photoshopping a butt how about .. it’s me alllll F*CKIN ME haters ..every last bit is ME,” she wrote in a lengthy post.

“Zoom in real f*ckin close too… I dare you… no photoshopping!! My surgeon didn’t change my size, I’m the same size 4 I have always been, YES bitches I’m a size 4, he simply fixed my hernia, repaired my muscles and gave me the most incredible set of tatas EVER! Soooo kiss my ass, be jealous, hate all you want. I have had 6 kids, 4 of which I had in less than 3 yrs and yes I look this f*ckin good.” 

She continued, “I shared my story on ‘Don’t be Tardy’ for the moms out there that are like me, having breastfed your babies and being left with less than perky tatas! I wanted women to know it’s ok to take care of you and feel good about yourself after having children and for you sorry ass people to write on my IG I’m fake etc this is for you. I would have a show with or without taping my surgery HOWEVER I wanted women to see 1st hand the process, the recovery etc I always wished I could watch someone go through it (it airs tonight at 9/8c) for women that are interested! PS and @drhochstein please let me know when you can take a person squeeze there hips bones and make them as skinny me! Thank you to @drhochstein you truly are an incredible surgeon your patience, your commitment, your talent, and caring nature was very much appreciated through the process! #madyouaintmehaters #livingMYdream #askbelievereceive #ifyoudontlikemycussingfuckyoutoo.”

On Wednesday, the former Housewives of Atlanta star posted this gorgeous selfie of herself standing in front of a mirror. Kim gave birth to twins back in

“I’m loving my new swimsuits #havefaithswimwear thank you so much @jenniferstano I’m always a sucker for a I feel so much better in a swimsuit now thanks to #310shakes @310nutrition vanilla is my favorite,” she captioned the image.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.53.17 AM

This isn’t the first time Zolciak has had to clap back at social media users for commenting on her body.

“For all the peeps that had sh*t to say about my side profile post (the one of my one ab) and questioning what I look like head on … here is a head on pic taken just now! #eatyourheartsout #genetics,” she wrote, including a photo collage of her body,” she wrote just 4-months after giving birth to her twins.

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