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Kendrick Lamar Finally Drops New Music



He pinky swore aka promised and he delivered. Kendrick Lamar released the first single to his second studio album on Tuesday and it is Kendrick at his finest.

The track, titled “i” samples the Isley Brother’s 1973 hit, “That Lady.” An inspiring song about loving yourself, the song’s chorus screams “I love myself.”

“We got a young brother that stands for something,” you hear in the intro. “We got a young brother that believes in all of us. Brother Kendrick Lamar, he’s not a rapper, he’s a writer. He’s not an author. And if you read between the lines, we’ll learn to love one another. But you can’t do that … I said, you can’t do that without loving yourself first.”

The cover art for the single shows the hands of a Blood and a Crip forming their hands into the shape of a heart.

Kendrick’s anticipated sophomore album is set to drop later this year.

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