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Iranian ‘Happy’ Dancers Sentenced To 91 Lashes



The group of young Iranians who created a dance video to Pharrell’s song, ‘Happy’ have been sentenced to 91 lashes and between six months and one year jail time.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube in May, features the group of six young men and women dancing around the country’s capital of Tehran, much like the videos which were done in other cities including Sydney, Paris, Johannesburg, New York and Berlin.

The video apparently broke Islamic Republic law, where women are not allowed to dance in public or appear publicly without a hijab covering their hair. In May, after the clip went viral, the dancers and director were detained and forced to apologize for their actions on state TV.

That same month, Pharrell took to Twitter to address the situation,

“It’s beyond sad these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness.” he posted.

While the group has been sentenced to between six months and one year jail time along with 91 lashes, their sentences will not take place if they are not convicted of anymore crimes in the next three years.

Take a look at their Happy video below:

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