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Exclusive: The Ladies of ‘The Real’ Keep it Real About the Haters & Ray Rice



The ladies of “The Real” are back on daytime, and as expected they aren’t holding back when it comes to sharing their opinions about any, and everything. HipHollywood got a chance to chat with the ladies Monday afternoon and couldn’t help but ask what they thought about Janay Rice sticking by her husband, former NFL baller Ray Rice, after he brutally assaulted her on an elevator in Atlantic City .

“That’s the difference with our show, we don’t really want to talk about the person, we want to talk about the issue and the issue is domestic violence and how women in this country are being treated,” said Loni Love. “I just know if you hit me Imma hit you back.”

And speaking of hitting back, with so many celebs clapping back on fans on social media these days, we also had to talk to the ladies about how they deal with haters, and fans who think its ok to make negative comments about them on social media.

“I waited a long time to finally say something,” said Tamera referring to a recent incident on Instagram when she had to read a fan about making a negative comment about her nephew Cree’s hair. “One don’t talk about family or my child, or my friends. I will get you, and it felt good for me to finally say something … because they have to know it’s not ok, it’s called cyber bullying and its not ok.”

Check out what the rest of the ladies had to say about clapping back below … and be sure to tune in to “The Real” weekdays on BET.

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