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Exclusive: Idris Elba Opens Up About His Newborn Son



Idris Elba melted the hearts of women around the world when news broke that he was in a serious relationship and that his girlfriend, make-up artist Naiyana Garth, was pregnant. Now the couple are the proud parents of a baby boy, and Elba couldn’t be more excited.

HipHollywood sat down with the UK actor during the press day for his latest film No Good Deed where he talked about his 5 month old son Winston, and how his life has changed.

“His mom is amazing, she’s been all over it”, explained Elba. “I’ve been traveling, in fact as soon as he was born I was on my way to do a film, so that’s tough. But it’s great you know, I love going back home being around him, he’s my heart, both my children are, but I am working harder now.”

Elba also has a daughter from a previous relationship, and talked about the perils of raising a teenager who is nearing dating age.

“My daughter is super conscientious too of what’s fly and what’s not fly and boys are starting to come into her circumference,” he explained .”I’m like tell em’ daddy kick boxes. I’m ready to take any of these knuckleheads out.”

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