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Chrissy Teigen Claps Back At Fan After Being Called A C*nt!



Chrissy Teigen has NO problem clapping back at fans and on Thursday night, the model went IN on an Instagram user who called her a c*nt.

“Isn’t it your father in law bday,” a fan wrote in the comment section of Chrissy’ latest post. “Why aren’t u at redlobster let me guess @johnlegend family thinks your a classless c*nt.”

Chrissy fired back, ” … Or I was happily contractually obligated to to attend the fall launch of a brand that chose me to represent them, a brand I love which is an honor, while you take pictures of your razor scooters and dream cars.”

But don’t think it ended there.

“And you take pictures of your flavorless soup mixtures,” the fan wrote back. “I give you and John another 6 mos. He’s over your ditzy noncooking slanted mouth dry pu**y flat face a$$.”

Chrissy hit her even harder, “smart to block your account rather than saying things that would make me equally as bitchy as you, I just want to say the following: You do no know me. You may find it fun and intriguing to be rude to me because I seem untouchable. But I read this stuff. I ready everything. Imagine your little sister or mother or pops or anyone you love reading hateful things about them, even though you know they are totally awesome … When I talk shit to people, it’s never the trolls I actively seek out. It is people like you that pop out of nowhwere. You actually follow and write me purely to be mean. Why? I am sorry if you are unhappy with your life. But that isn’t my fault. So enough. Life is too short to be a c*nt.”

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