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Chris Brown Claims That He Could Beat Usher In A Dance Battle



Chris Brown says that if ever put in a dance battle against Usher, he would win.

In a recent interview with Sway Calloway, the 25-year-old was asked who he thought would win in a dance-off, himself or Usher.

“See, I don’t like to be cocky or arrogant anymore, but when it comes to dancing — when you say ‘Chris Brown’ and you say ‘dancing,’ you’re gonna have to bring your A game,” Chris said with a confident smile on his face.

“It’s like when Iverson crossed Jordan,” he followed, comparing the hypothetical dance battle with a 1997 game between you Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan in which Iverson pulled a legendary move where he shook MJ before shooting the ball. “I’m going with Iverson because I’m from VA,” Chris said, referencing the fact that they are both from the same state and Iverson was seen as the new wave of talent much himself.

“So you’re saying you wouldn’t lose?” Sway asks Chris one more time. “Absolutely not,” He replies.

Take a look at the video below and tell us who you think would win in a dance-off.

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