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Chris Brown and Rihanna Still Kicking It



He wants that old thang back?

While Chris Brown keeps asking Karrueche for a baby, it’s seems as though he’s still kicking it with his ex Rihanna. Breezy sat down with HipHollywood’s head honcho, Kevin Frazier and discussed music, jail and his future. But, the most interesting part of their convo focused on his current relationship with RiRi.

“We’re friends,” Brown said of his ex. “Nothing too serious… We’re not trying to start a life together right now, we’re just having fun.” Whaaa? Not starting a life together “right now”? Does that mean they will start a life together in the future? What about poor Karrueche? Chris is so confused!

The “Loyal” singer dropped his X album last week and soared to the #2 spot on the charts. But, there’s one song on the album that has fans convinced he’s not over his ex: “Drunk Texting”. “Oh no, not at all,” Brown told Frazier. “I think that’s just the fans’ perception or the media’s perception at all times because of our history.” He went on to say, “But as far as me writing and going into that, I don’t really try to put my focus on Rihanna every song. At the end of the day it’s almost six, seven years later. It’s like, how many more times am I going to talk about the same situation?”

Well as long as y’all are still kicking, you are going to have to answer those questions. Check out more from the interview below.

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