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Carolina Panthers Deactivate Greg Hardy For Domestic Abuse



Now that the NFL is facing a lot of heat for their initial lackadaisical response to the Ray Rice domestic violence incident, teams are starting to make sure they are in the clear, including the Carolina Panthers, who have decided to deactivate star defensive end, Greg Hardy.

Hardy was found guilty of attacking his girlfriend back in July after she testified that he beat and threatened to kill her after he heard a Nelly song in a nightclub and becoming enraged because she had dated the rapper while on a break from their relationship.

The Panthers and the NFL, in another show of poor reaction to domestic violence cases, did not punish Hardy for the assault and decided to wait for the time being while he appealed for a trail by jury. The Ray Rice incident has now forced the Panthers to reevaluate their lack of action and they have decided to deactivate Hardy for Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions.

Panthers officials say they will not address Hardy, the deactivation, or his future with the team until after the game.

HipHollywood will cover this story as it develops.

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