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Apollo Nida’s Goodbye Video As He Heads Into The Penitentiary



Apollo Nida took to social media on Thursday morning to say goodbye to his fans as he headed into the penitentiary.

“I would like to say thanks 4 everyone’s support & thanks 4 holding me in prayer I’ve arrived 2 my destination and I’m going asunder,” he wrote.

The reality star also posted a video on Instagram expressing his thoughts before the start of his sentence. “Well everyone, I have finally arrived at the penitentiary,” he said. “I’m about to go asunder. Thank you for the support and prayers. Stay tuned and you’ll hear from me shortly.”

The video comes just hours after reports that an arrest warrant was going to be issued for the reality star who was supposed to check-in to a Kentucky jail on Wednesday, but was a no-show. According to reports, Nida arrived to his wife, Phaedra Parks home instead and started fighting with her while cameras were rolling.

“It was the most bizarre thing. Everyone thought he was already at jail this morning,” a source on set told Us Weekly Wednesday. “He drove himself to jail and was supposed to be there by noon. So Bravo came over to her house to start filming her coming home and all that stuff. The whole Bravo crew saw it – it’s all on tape. Everyone was shocked.”

The insider added that he was “running around the house like a lunatic for about 20 minutes. He was psychotic, not even making sense.”

Nida is set to serve a 8-year prison sentence for check fraud and money laundering.

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