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Anthony Anderson Thinks All Races Are A Bit “Black-ish”



Just take a look around…it’s pretty obvious that the African-American culture influences all facets of entertainment. And according to Anthony Anderson, that makes us all a bit “Black-ish”.

“Other cultures from around the world have embraced some of our things as their own. It doesn’t make them Black, it makes them “Black-ish,” Anderson told HipHollywood at the premiere of his new ABC comedy.

But, when his co-star Tracee Ellis Ross tried to give meaning to the word, she was ironically a bit lost for words. “It’s a new word and it’s going to become apart of our culture and when it does maybe someone will tell me exactly what it means.”

Take a look at our interviews from the Black-ish premiere below and tell us how would you define “Black-ish”.

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