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AK-47 Found On Young Jeezy’s Tour Bus Was Not His



Young Jeezy was arrested last month in connection to an assault rifle found on his tour bus, but the investigation that is underway has now shown that Jeezy is not the owner of the weapon.

On August 24th the police searched the rappers bus in Orange County on suspicion that the rapper and his entourage were connected to the a fatal August 22nd concert shooting. While searching the bus, the police found an AK-47 and arrested six people including Jeezy because no one would admit that the gun was theirs.

TMZ is now reporting that sources have told them that the reason that no one claimed ownership over the weapon was because it belonged to the tour’s security chief who just so happened to not be on the bus at the time of the search because he was in the hospital recovering from being hit in the arm with a bullet the day before. It turns out he got caught in the crossfire during the same shooting at 10ak nightclub in West Hollywood where Suge Knight was shot six times.

There are still some holes in the arrest story in regards to why Jeezy was arrested though. According to the TMZ report, the gun was found in an entire different part of the bus than Jeezy’s cabin, where no weapons were found, and police reports tell that the officers who took everyone in were repeatedly told that the weapon belonged to the head of security and that he was not there because he was in the hospital.

Jeezy posted bail shortly after being arrested and is currently on tour.

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