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Adrian Peterson Indicted For Child Abuse



Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse in North Montgomery County, Texas.

According to reports, Child Protective Services have confirmed that they are working on a case involving and 11-year-old boy and the Minnesota Vikings running back. MyFOX Houston 26 reports that exact charges filed against him include reckless or negligent injury to a child.

TMZ Sports has stated that the child victim was sent from Minnesota to visit Adrian at his Texas home back in May.  When he returned, the child’s mother noticed injuries and took him to a doctor who then reported them to Texas authorities. Details regarding the injuries have yet to be released to the public.

As far as Peterson goes, he is still attending practices and was seen today joking around with other players on the field.

He also tweeted the following picture Friday that may be his way of addressing the charges:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 2.49.48 PM
These accusations must hit very close to home for the star football player. Last year, his 2-year-old child was beaten to death by its mother’s boyfriend.

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