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Watch Columbus Short Catch The Holy Ghost On Stage With Tank



Columbus Short has been going through some serious personal and legal woes … But when it comes to praising God, the troubled actor does not hold back.

The former Scandal star was recently spotted at Atlanta Live with Tank and while on stage, the two began to testify. The live band got the drums going and Short broke out in dance. According to reports, the actor was telling the audience not to believe everything they hear.

Short was recently let go from Scandal, he has been fighting legal battles with his estranged wife , a warrant was just issued for the actor’s arrest for not appearing in court in his domestic violence criminal case and over the weekend, new reports surfaced regarding the actor’s bar fight back in earlier this year.

Back in March, Short got into a fight at a Los Angeles bar with a man who Short claimed was taunting the his wife, slapping her in the face with $20 bills. Columbus punched the man … The victim suffered a concussion and broken nose.

TMZ later obtained a text message from Short to the man from that very night, confessing to his wrong doing. “I know im texting and incriminating myself but I have to own what I did wrong in that situation,” the text read. “Im so sorry and completely disappointed in myself. Whether I go to jail or not that will be the worst punishment of all. Losing you guys.”

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